Walburga Stephinger

    For years, the Federal Labor Court (BAG) has maintained its opinion, according to which the limitation without material reason of an employment relationship despite previous employment with the same employer is possible again if three years have passed in the meantime. The Landesarbeitsgericht (LAG) (Regional Labor Court) Baden-Württemberg opposes this directly yet again and prohibits the employer from imposing the limitation without material reason forever if (any) previous employment exists. What does this mean in practice?

    Maximiliane Kempermann

    Works councils in Germany have extensive co-determination rights. As a recent decision of the Federal Labor Court shows, these can also extend to the employer’s own use of social media.

    Walburga Stephinger

    When employees have to travel for work the same questions tend to arise over and over again. Does all travel time count as working time? Does the employer have to pay for this time? Not infrequently, the response to these questions is a shrug of the shoulders. However, there are in fact reasonably well defined criteria which apply to the delimitation of travel time from working time.

    Sebastian Juli

    In Germany, employees frequently refuse to sign separation agreements for fear of a disqualification period being imposed by the Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) with regard to unemployment benefits. A revision of the (internal) directives of the Employment Agency has created some new leeway as of 25.01.2017.

    Dr. Stefan Röhrborn

    Employees with a bonus arrangement can claim variable remuneration if the agreed or given targets are achieved. The level of variable remuneration on full achievement of targets is regularly set in the employment contract or an employer/works council agreement. What should be considered?

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