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  1. The basics of vacation calculation in special configurations – part 2

    Blog article by Nicole Witt

    In the second part of our article on vacation calculation, we cast light on the specific issues connected to dormant employment relationships, short-time work, long-term illness and part-time retirement in block models.

  2. Working time recording - Always something new and this time also something good

    In May 2019, the ECJ ruled that the recording of working time in EU member states must be carried out by an objective, reliable and accessible system. In various rulings, the Labor Court in Emden then assumed that this ruling had direct effect in Germany and upheld several lawsuits for overtime compensation. One of these rulings was overturned by the Regional Labor Court (LAG) of Lower Saxony in May 2021, denying the direct effect of the ECJ's ruling.

  3. Mistakes and Myths about Home Offices and Mobile Working

    Blog article by Dr. Sebastian Maiß

    The child is ill, an important delivery is expected »between 8:00 a.m. and 7 p.m.« or the car has to go to the garage. What could be more natural than working from home? A quick email to the employer that you will work from your home office in the morning and be in the office in the afternoon and the problem is solved. But it’s not always that simple. The following is a brief overview of the legal situation.

  4. Dr. Rajko Herrmann

    Certified Employment Law Specialist

  5. We focus on only one thing: Everything.

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