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  1. "You picked the right time to leave me, Lucille..." Resignation from office and termination of contract at inopportune time

    Blog article by Dr. Stefan Röhrborn

    Who hasn't thought about leaving, quitting their job, resigning and leaving for new shores right now? If this thought is not just a passing whim, but a concrete plan, then its implementation must be very well thought out.

  2. No, I will not wear my mask! - Termination options in case of mask refusers

    Blog article by Julia Simon

    With the end of the home office obligations, not only the roads fill up again in rush hour traffic, but also the offices. The medical face mask is always on hand as a fashionably disliked accessory. But what measures can employers take against mask refusers who try to convince employers to exempt them from masks with generalized certificates?

  3. »There Should Be No Punishment for Doing the Right Thing.« – Proposal of the European Commission to Strengthen Whistleblower Protection

    Blog article by Matthias Pallentin

    Dieselgate, Panama Papers, LuxLeaks, the Facebook data scandal – without whistleblowers, the latest revelations of legal violations in companies might never have reached the public eye. The EU Commission now wants to strengthen protection for whistleblowers and plans to achieve this by introducing minimum standards throughout the EU.

  4. No More Grandfathering for »Risky« Bankers – a Warning Sign for Dismissal Protection Regulations?

    Blogbeitrag by Dr. Thorben Klopp

    Major credit and financial services institutions will, in future, be able to unilaterally terminate the employment of highly paid, risk-taking employees much more easily. What at first appears to be an outlier case under supervisory law, does, on closer inspection, also represent something very interesting when considering general labor practices.

  5. "Get vaccinated, please - employer response options when employees decline COVID-19 vaccination."

    Blog article by Marielouise Emmer

    While the population's willingness to be vaccinated is now stagnating, the delta variant of the coronavirus is spreading at the same time. What measures can companies take under labor law if employees do not want to be vaccinated?

  6. 4 Years of MeToo - "Is it still okay to say that or is that already MeToo?"

    Blog article by Svenja Gaida

    After 4 years of #MeToo, the relevance of the topic of "sexual harassment in the workplace" continues unabated. While some companies pursue a "zero tolerance" policy in this context and consistently issue dismissals, others act more cautiously. Both approaches entail certain risks that employers should be aware of and take into account.

  7. April showers bring May flowers?! - The draft law on the Works Councils Modernization Act

    Blog article by Lara Rücker and Julia Radau

    So now it is after all: The amendment to the rights and obligations of the works council partners, which was already intended last year by the draft bill of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for the Works Council Strengthening Act, has recently been forwarded to the Bundesrat "in a new guise" as a draft of the Federal Government for the Works Council Modernization Act. It is to be discussed there for the first time as early as May 07, 2021. Similarly, the draft is expected to be passed by the Bundestag in May.

  8. Employee data protection: Unspecified information claims and blanket copy claims are not sufficient

    Blog article by Andre Gieseler

    The German Federal Labor Court has specified the requirements for an effective request for information and copies pursuant to Art. 15 GDPR: According to this, unspecified information claims and the mere blanket assertion of a copy are not sufficient. The following article summarizes the most important aspects of the ruling.

  9. On your marks! Get set! Vacation! - FAQ on vacation law (Part 2)

    Blog article by Svenja Gaida and Kim Kleinert

    In the midst of the vacation season, many employers are prompted to address old familiar and new questions surrounding the issue of vacation. The blog post series "On your marks! Get set! Vacation!" is designed to help employers keep track of recurring issues and answer important questions about leave law.

  10. Checklist „Confidential leave"

    ... to working time accounts and sabbaticals, the introduction of so-called "trust leave" is a growing option for meeting this need. Instead ... In companies with a works council, there is a right of co-determination, so it is advisable to conclude a works agreement. ...