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  1. »There Should Be No Punishment for Doing the Right Thing.« – Proposal of the European Commission to Strengthen Whistleblower Protection

    Blog article by Matthias Pallentin

    Dieselgate, Panama Papers, LuxLeaks, the Facebook data scandal – without whistleblowers, the latest revelations of legal violations in companies might never have reached the public eye. The EU Commission now wants to strengthen protection for whistleblowers and plans to achieve this by introducing minimum standards throughout the EU.

  2. Stephanie Koch

    Certified Employment Law Specialist

  3. Isabella Simon

    Certified Employment Law Specialist

  4. #MeToo and #TimesUp - What is the situation as regards sexual harassment in the workplace?

    Blog article by Nicole Witt

    The #MeToo debate and the #TimesUp movement are currently splashed all over magazines and social media. It therefore makes sense to examine the labor law aspects of sexual harassment in the workplace in more detail.

  5. Short-time Work in Times of Corona

    Blog article by Dr. Matthias Kast

    The coronavirus is spreading more and more. Even if the spread is (still) manageable, the economic consequences are becoming increasingly noticeable. Short-time work can be an effective means of reducing the economic burden. In the following we give a brief overview of the requirements.