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  1. More bureaucracy, less gender pay gap?

    Blog article by Jan-Ove Becker

    Gender-specific fair pay or excessive bureaucratic burden? The transparency requirements of the new German Remuneration Transparency Act create legal pressure: employers face complex review and reporting obligations in order to establish a legal framework for the implementation of equal pay between women and men.

  2. Dr. Esther Dehmel, LL.M. (Wellington)

    Certified Employment Law Specialist

  3. Hannes Barck

    Certified Employment Law Specialist

  4. The facility-based vaccination requirement does not affect me - or does it?!

    A general obligation to vaccinate against COVID-19 is being debated all over Germany, but it has already been set up in parts of the working world. As early as December 10, 2021, the legislature introduced the so-called facility-based vaccination obligation for employees in health and care professions through Section 20a of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG).

  5. Mistakes and Myths about Home Offices and Mobile Working

    Blog article by Dr. Sebastian Maiß

    The child is ill, an important delivery is expected »between 8:00 a.m. and 7 p.m.« or the car has to go to the garage. What could be more natural than working from home? A quick email to the employer that you will work from your home office in the morning and be in the office in the afternoon and the problem is solved. But it’s not always that simple. The following is a brief overview of the legal situation.

  6. Pay Transparency Act - is the EU sharpening the teeth of the toothless tiger?

    Blog article by Dr. Sabine Vianden

    Yesterday, the Pay Transparency Act (“Entgelttransparenzgesetz”) turned four years old. So far, it has not played a major role in the everyday work of German companies. This could now change, because on 4 March 2021, the European Commission presented a proposal for a new Directive within the scope of the Pay Transparency Act, which contains stricter provisions than the German law in many places.