The labor market is currently undergoing significant change, not least accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Above all, digital progress and an increasingly changing understanding of the meaning and purpose of work on the part of the workforce mean that many companies (have to) break down their previous cultural and organizational structures in order to remain competitive.

The possibilities that can be considered are manifold. One can think, for example, of:






  • the implementation of matrix structures and
  • the use of new technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence)
  • new forms of pay (e.g. crypto currency, employee equity programs)
  • alternative employee representation models on operations and company level
  • work in the Gig Enomony/ NewBusiness models

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Certified Employment Law Specialist


Certified Employment Law Specialist


Certified Employment Law Specialist


Certified Employment Law Specialist
Frankfurt am Main


Certified Employment Law Specialist


Frankfurt am Main

vangard spricht! podcast: the office of the future.

Sebastian Juli and Sebastian Lindner (Projektlabor GmbH) discuss the importance of the home office, hybrid work models, desk sharing and much more.


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The robot workplace: What employers need to know about AI

Jan-Ove Becker and his international Littler colleagues discuss the opportunities and challenges that the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace offers for global employers in the post-pandemic landscape. 


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Labor law in the new world of work. Simple or complex?

Sebastian Juli answers questions about New Work and labor law in the Mercer Human Work/s Podcast.


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Inaugural Report of Littler's Global Workplace Transformation Initiative

The report is a comprehensive detailing of the challenges employers now face as a result of the rapidly changing and unpredictable work environment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Littler's Global Workplace Transformation Initiative

Our "New Work" experts operate worldwide as part of Littler and are the German arm of its Global Workplace Transformation Initiative. We offer seamless cross-border employment law advice and global legal services from a single source.