This year, the seven partners Dr. Matthias Kast, Dr. Thomas GriebeDr. Stefan Röhrborn, Dr. Oliver Grimm, Dr. Alexander Bartz, Dr. Rajko Herrmann and Maximiliane Kempermann were awarded »Best Lawyer in Germany« in labor and employment law.

We are very delighted about the repeated recognition our experts have received, especially about the first-time listing of our Hamburg partner Maximiliane Kemermann and the fifth naming of our partners Dr. Thomas Griebe, Dr. Stefan Röhrborn and Dr. Matthias Kast.

Every year, the specialist publisher Best Lawyers and the German trade publication »Handelsblatt« publish a comprehensive list of recommended lawyers. The ranking has a long tradition especially in the USA, where the annual recommendation list of the most renowned lawyers has been published for over 30 years, but also in Germany this evaluation is becoming increasingly important. As part of the research, the publisher asks competitors in law firms and companies who they would recommend - so it's worth having a good reputation!

The ranking is published here.

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