With effect from January 01, 2020, Jan-Ove Becker and Tobias Berdesinski will become equity partners at vangard and in future will be responsible for the Hamburg office alongside Dr. Thomas Griebe. This is the first time vangard has chosen equity partners from its own ranks.

Together with Dr. Thomas Griebe, Jan-Ove Becker developed the Hamburg office as an associate and has been a salary partner since April 2017. In addition to international employment law and advising international clients, he specializes in corporate transactions and restructuring as well as consulting in matters of co-determination and works constitution law. The majority of his clients come from the technology and media sectors. Most recently he has also overseen complex legal disputes right up to the German Federal Labor Court and the European Court of Justice. Since 2017, Jan-Ove Becker has been President of the Labor Law Committee of the International Young Lawyers Association (AIJA). In 2018, Legal 500 described him as »fast and solution-focused.«

Tobias Berdesinski came to the firm in October 2016 as a salary partner. His professional focus is on legal and strategic consultation in matters pertaining to employment law, restructuring, changes to and the implementation of pension commitments, process management and negotiations. His particular expertise in occupational pension provision significantly broadens vangard's offering of consultation services and since starting in this role he has built up and substantially developed this promising sector with numerous projects. Tobias Berdesinski advises national and international corporations and businesses from various industries, including the insurance and pharmaceutical sectors.

With effect from January 01, 2020, vangard has also named two senior associates as salary partners. After less than two years at vangard, Dr. Thorben Klopp will become a partner at the Hamburg office. Just under a year after opening, the youngest vangard office in Frankfurt has named a new partner: Dr. Antje Peterhänsel.

Dr. Thorben Klopp joined vangard in May 2018 as a senior associate. Thanks to his long-standing experience working in a large international law firm, he has a deep level of expertise in consulting on all business-related questions of employment law, in particular, with regard to restructuring, transfer of undertakings, corporate transactions and matters concerning members of the board / managing directors. The majority of his clients come from the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors.

Dr. Antje Peterhänsel, née Ebeling, has worked for 13 years alongside renowned Frankfurt partners Christoph Crisolli and Peter Hoppenstaedt and moved with these and other colleagues from the firm Kliemt.Arbeitsrecht to vangard in 2018. Her work is centered on continuous consultation for companies with regard to matters of employment law and strategy. Alongside restructuring measures, this above all includes questions pertaining to industrial constitution law, including all negotiations with the works council and the organization of operations and employment agreements, as well as in-court representation in individual and collective bargaining disputes.

Dr. Thomas Griebe, vangard Hamburg:

»I am thrilled by the excellent quality of the partners we have been able to draw from our own ranks.« Since the very beginning of our cooperation, which is based on a great mutual respect, we have held a common understanding for the focus of this firm. The fostering and development of our young talent is of the highest priority for us all and is, as you can see, implemented very successfully.«

Dr. Antje Peterhänsel, vangard Frankfurt:

»I am very much looking forward to helping develop the Frankfurt office in this specialized environment, to having entrepreneurial flexibility and to continuing to work in an outstanding team.«

Since its foundation in 2013, vangard has trained six partners, two female and four male. The partnership now consists of 25 professional lawyers, who are assisted by 25 associates. Naturally, vangard will continue to grow in the future.

Expect only the best from us.

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